Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Monday 10/20/2014

I pray my children receive the steady supply of the Word they get each week by APPLYING it to their daily lives … not just to their lives … but through their lives by allowing the Word to transform the way they think then ultimately behave!

2Corinthians 3:18, 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

Sunday 10/19/2014

Stop my children from praying for show! Don’t let them become like the hypocrites who love to stand and pray in the churches and street corners so they can be seen by men … for if they do their reward will come from men and not from You.

Matthew 6:5

Saturday 10/18/2014

Praying repetitive empty words blocks my children’s prayers from reaching You. May they talk to You from their hearts!

Matthew 6:7-8

Friday 10/17/2014

Nothing blocks promise like prayers NOT prayed. In order to receive Your blessings my children must humble themselves and ask!

James 4:2

Thursday 10/16/2014

Today, each of my children will encounter at least one person who is hurting … whether they recognize the pain or not. May my children be the encouragers of this world bringing hope and joy to everyone they meet. When my children are hurting, I pray they realize You haven’t turned your back on them … for it is in knowing Your true love that enables them to comfort others.

2 Corinthians 1:4

Wednesday 10/15/2014

My children will not receive the fruit of Your promise if they ask with wrong motives. I wouldn’t give a beggar provisions to buy beer and neither will God bless my children if they are solely motivated by their own selfish pleasures.

James 4:3

Tuesday 10/14/2014

I Pray my married children never mistreat their spouse … not only will they hurt the one they love … they will block the blessings from the ONE who loves them!

1 Peter 3:7


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