Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Saturday 8/27/2016

Sins are to my children’s lives as weeds are to the garden. They are going to pop up but we must diligently be on the watch and eradicate them from our lives before they take over. If not, my children’s lives will not produce the fruit God intended where He planted their seeds.
Romans 6:12

Friday 8/26/2016

My children’s present struggle may be over what You want to do through them! When the world is saying no but something deep within my children stands firm, let them see that this is You … and if they walk it out … my children will achieve their God given destiny.
John 7:38, Philippians 2:13

Thursday 8/25/2016

My children are only accountable for what You give them. Do not let them become bogged down comparing their lives to others. You have planted very specific purposes in their hearts and given them the resources necessary to accomplish them. Let my children rejoice when others bear fruit and let my children be satisfied with theirs!
John 15:5, Matthew 13:8

Wednesday 8/24/2016

If my children were a car, joy would be their fuel and You would be the filling station. May my children recognize and receive once and for all the profound and life changing truth … fill up each day on Your Word … and have the power to pull off the purpose You have placed in their heart!
Nehemiah 8:10, Psalms 138:8

Tuesday 8/23/2016

Please make Your presence know to my children so they may know and experience Your joy. Don’t let them depend on our world for happiness for if they do their only joy will come from reaction to circumstances … but You can plaster a smile on their faces that will puzzle even the deepest cynic and cause others to want what they have … YOU!
Nehemiah 8:10, John 14:15

Monday 8/22/2016

Make my children willing to suffer for Your name, to choose not to sin and stand firm in pleasing You. This is one of the ways they show their love for You and place themselves in the Shelter of the Most High and causes them to dwell in love.
Psalms 91:1

Sunday 8/21/2016

Speak tenderly to my children after You chastise them so they will be more open to receive Your forgiveness and subsequently obey Your voice. Give me a tender spirit also, so my discipline will be an earthly example of the freedom that follows repentance and results in obedience.
Isaiah 40:1-2


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