Praying For Our Children…Every Day


Friday 5/29/2015

I pray my children love those around them and remain faithful to others You place in their lives. When they do, my children’s lives will not only be filled with earthly blessings but more importantly have access to Your place of Shelter … and remind them that love is “doing” not just “feeling!” Show them opportunities to love others today through acts of kindness …. then give them to courage and selflessness to follow through.

Ruth 3:12

Thursday 5/28/2015

Dear Lord, in the face of my children’s most grievous trouble, remind them to bend down and pray, that nothing is too hard for You. Your word tells my children that You will bend down and listen to them … but first they must submit to Your authority and have faith that You do indeed have the power to fulfill Your promises!

Psalms 116:1-6

Wednesday 5/27/2015

Let my children savor the fruits of their own industry. Give them a spirit of independence so they taste the exquisite reward of freedom … then let them readily share the overflowing abundance of their hearts and their treasure … for when they truly love others my children will begin to see God’s hand working in this world.

Zechariah 3:10, Matthew 5:8

Tuesday 5/26/2015

God gives different missions to different people, and equips each person to accomplish their purpose. Don’t let my children get bogged down with hang ups about other people’s gifts. Help them see that it is not only a waste of time, but questions Your authority and capability. I pray my children do what they were made to do, let others be free to do what they were sent to do, and rejoice in everyone’s differences! Let my children celebrate each other’s gifts and know that it is all for the Glory of God … not theirs!

Galatians 2:7-8

Monday 5/25/2015

As my children mature allow me to give them the dignity of making more and more of their own mistakes and then letting them learn from those experiences. They belong to You not me … keep me from hindering You from working in their lives by over parenting.

Romans 12:16, 14:3, 14:23

Sunday 5/24/2015

Secure my children’s values so they stand firm when tempted. May they know who they are. Then release them from the urge to compare themselves to others, especially those that are not pleasing You. Give them the grace to free others from conforming to their standards and the security to believe that judgment is Your job … not theirs.

2Corinthians 10:2, Romans 14:4

Wednesday 5/20/2015

Give my children a wholesome dread of displeasing You so they will be intrinsically motivated to obey Your commands. Let them experience the light free feeling that flows from doing the ‘right’ thing so that they crave more and truly begin to understand that obedience is not only the root of character but the foundation of all happiness.

Ecclesiastes 12:13


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